Smart Bluetooth LED Light

  • E27-05
  • E27-05
  • E27-05


 1.SMARTPHONE APP CONTROL:Millions of color possibilities with warm and cool LED lighting. Different dimmable options all controlled by smart Bluetooth technology. Conveniently use your smart device/phone to take control of the lighting (Bluetooth technology).
2.GROUP CONTROL: Group up to 5 Smart BULBs together to control color and color effects. Multi Groups can be created for infinite fun. Use the FREE App to schedule timers, turn your smart bulb on/off, wake up in the morning or come home to a home lit to any color
3 MUSIC SYNC :Bulb comes with high quality built in speaker! Listen to your favorite tunes. Sync your tunes to the bulb, the equalizer will change the colors of the bulb with the song that is being played.
4.EASY TO INSTALL:Installation can't be easier, fix the bulb to fixture, turn on the light switch, connect to your Bluetooth settings on your smart device, then download the FREE APP and you're ready to go!
5.Ensure your device is connected through the App. If audio does not play through the smart bulb, go to your devices Bluetooth Settings and ensure the devices are both connected. Then go back to the App to play music.


Product power:RGB 7.6W, White 4W, AMP 3W

Working voltage:AC100-240V

Working frequency:50HZ

Viewing angle of LED bulb:120 degree
Color temprerature:TC=6500K

Base specification:E27

Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth distance:No obstacle 10M

Frequency band:2.4GHZ

Bluetooth protocol:A2DPV1.2 AVCRPV1.0/DIVI.3

Working temp:-10-50

Bulb size:76mm*76mm*125mm

Package size:81mm*81mm*137mm

Compatibility:Compatible with smart phone,Laptop,iPad, iPhone

Application fields:Household,shopping mall, hotel, office building


Do not put it in closed lampshade.

Do not install it on the light with dimmer switch.

Do not put it in the place which is humid or has water.

Keep using it under the power supply of 100v to 240v AC, 50HZ

It is not a toy and keep ti untouchable to children.

Do not put it on high-temperature surface.

Do not open any sealing device for safety and according to Warrenty Terms

Cool the bulb before replacing it to avoid electric shaock or burning.

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